How to Start Fish Farm in Nigeria

  Posted: 05.04.17



Due to its unique taste and high nutritional value, fish have become more and more popular in Nigerian families. Currently, fish farming is increasingly becoming an attractive form of agriculture for many Nigerians especially young people. Starting A Fish Farm in Nigeria is one of the guaranteed way to make millions of Naira annually. If you are armed with the right knowledge, commercial fish farming business is a lucrative investment that can spin money at any time of the year continuously.

How to Start Fish Farm in Nigeria

Consider capital: Fish farming in Nigeria as a business can be started with as much amount of money as you have. In fact I recommend you start on a small scale and then grow with experience. As time goes by, you will become accustomed to tackling the risks involved in the business. Initial capital is needed for the construction of the pond, for acquiring land and buildings if it is not self owned, labour, licensing and equipment. Running costs includes cost of feeds, getting fingerlings, fuel/electricity.

Construction of Ponds: Depending on the capital available, you can construct any of these ponds;
Earthen Pond: This is digging up the soil (usually clay) to create a pond.
Concrete Pond: Here, blocks are used to construct the pond above the ground level, using cement, gravel and sand.
Fibre Pond: These are fibre tanks (e.g. GP tanks). The advantage of this pond is that it can be moved from place to place
The following should be put into consideration when constructing your pond for your fish business:
Availability of constant water supply – This can be achieved by digging a borehole or well. Rain water can also be channeled into tanks
Depth of the pond – Depth affects the oxygen level. The ideal depth is 4 to 6feet.
A minimum of three ponds should be constructed in the area. Each pond for different sizes of fishes.
The pond should be close to steady power supply.
Fish feed Pellet Equipment if needed
As is well known, for all commercial fish farm, fish feed has become the most important nutritional source of fish growth. In the whole cost of running commercial fish farm, fish feed can occupy a large part because of the high price, average up to 50%-60%, some even up to about 70%. Therefore, lowering fish feed cost is very significant for better economic benefits. Fortunately, by taking proper measurement and improving feed utilization efficiency, the high cost of fish feed can be decreased. Here, FANWAY provides several points to help decrease the fish feed cost, such as breeding superior quality fingerlings, keeping good water quality, preventing fish disease, feeding fish properly, ensuring fish feed nutrition, and most importantly, producing fish feed by your own via fish feed machine.

Here are tips to help you successfully run your fish farming In Nigeria :
I will advise that a beginner starts with juvenile fishes instead of fingerlings.
Apply lime to the ponds before you introduce the fishes. Lime will kill all possible bacteria and reduce the acidic content of the water that can affect the fish.
Do not overcrowd the fishes. 1000 catfishes per acre is recommended.
Though fish can survive in a wide range of temperature, the ideal water temperature is 85°. The temperature affects the rate of feeding in fish. They eat more in warm temperature.
Overfeeding should be avoided as much as possible. Unconsumed feed will decompose and pollute the water thereby affecting the survival and growth of the fishes.
Feed fishes regularly as they tend to feed on themselves when they are hungry. At least twice daily.
If you do not want to produce fish feed by own, please buy fish feed from reputable dealers as only quality feed should be used.
The pond should be kept clean at all times. Only clean and clear water should be used. Impurities reduce the oxygen level in the water. The water should be changed regularly.
Proper marketing arrangement should be made before the end of the growing season. Harvest size is usually determined by the buyer.
The farmer should be observant. Sudden behavioral changes are tell – tale signs that something is wrong with the fishes.

Fish Farming Business:



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