Quad-X Aerator

  Posted: 16.10.12



Is your ground trampled and water logged? Are you disappointed with your grass yield? LOOK NO FURTHER!

The Quad-X Tractor Aerator has been designed to cut through the compact layers of soil which is most commonly caused by livestock and heavy machinery; compaction in soil reduces your grazing potential. The Quad-X Aerator cuts through the soil and allows soulable nitrates like iron to move freely and not be built up within the compacted soil layers. Through using the Quad-X Aerator it can release the equivalent of 50kg of nitrates per hectare.

Quad-X offers a range Aerators which can be built to your own individual specification with models ranging from 2m - 6m in wodth. Each model comes with a 3, 4 or 5 blade arrangement on each disk, allowing not only staggered peaks but also more continuous peaks, therefore reducing troughs which will hold water. With working depths of up to 250mm and adjustable rotor angle variations you can create peaks that differ in widths and depths giving the user the ability to modify the fissures to suit the conditions of the field. The heavy duty rotor allows the aerator to be used in stony ground and with the option of having one single fixed or 2 independent rotors the user can work without having the worry of bending occuring, even when carrying up to 750kg additional weight to force the blade into more compacted ground.

The Quad-X Aerator blades cut through these compacted layers of soil to open up fissures for better drainage, more efficient use of nutrients and healthier grass. Quad-X have spent considerable R&D on the Aerator blade design; the blades have been designed to allow maximum oxygen to get to the roots. While exiting the ground; the blades loosen the compacted soil allowing more oxygen to enter encouraging healthier grass growth.

The Quad-X Aerator is an essential machine at silage time as the Quad-X Aerator also gives that advantage of allowing grass to recover quicker after it has been mowed; meaning improved grass growth rates resulting in a better yield for your second silage cut. The Quad-X Aerator allows the nitrates from fertiliser and slurry to be absorbed into the soil, increasing the root development and boosting your grass yield rates. Through the use of the Quad-X Aerator you will reduce your fertiliser bill, the fissures in the ground allow the fertiliser to be absorbed quicker, this prevents the expensive fertiliser running or being washed off the ground.

Following the last spell of heavy rain the Quad-X Aerator will be a very useful tool as it has been designed to improve the surface drainage of your ground; therefore preventing large pools of water gathering on the ground causing damage to the grass underneath. Using the Quad-X Aerator also acts to repair your ground after it has been trampled by livestock particularly around feeding troughs that often occurs and damages the ground.

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